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The Best Tarot Reader - Humeira’s Tarot Reading In Dubai – The Best Tarot Reader in Dubai Since 2001


Humeira’s Tarot Reading can help you accomplish things you want or need to do to have and restore your confidence.It helps you to find happiness within you. WhatsApp to book your reading with Humeira on 055-4600990. 

Humeira’s Tarot Reading can guide you in making decisions about choices you might have in areas such as romance, career, health and much more. Discover the answers you have been searching for that you need to find in relationships to sort things out, situations in your life that are troubling you and providing you much needed peace to gain relief from stress and tension in your life.

Discover where you are, where you have been, and where you want to be and how to get there with a tarot card reading by Humeira in Dubai.

Humeira is a gifted and genuine tarot card reader in Dubai who offers one on one, face to face readings. Her readings are a guiding mechanism to obtain clarity and direction. Many in Dubai have learnt from her style of tarot reading. She is a natural born and gifted reader whose readings are full of insight and wisdom like no other.

Her appointment diary gets booked days in advance. She is popular, fun and one of the pioneers in tarot reading apart from being the most experienced in Dubai.

Humeira is truly a gifted tarot reader and has helped changed thousands of lives around the world. Her clients contact her from all around the world. She prefers face to face sessions for her readings as believes in traditional one on one connections.

For bookings and appointment with Humeira Tarot Reader in Dubai:

For appointments you can Whatsapp Humeira anytime on 00971-55-4600990 from 8am till midnight, 7 days a week.


 My Tarot reading can help you in the following ways:

  1. Obtain answers & clarity to take decisions
  2. Identify root cause of creating repeated patterns and cycles in your life 
  3. Make miraculous breakthroughs

If you like the outcome of a reading, I can help you reinforce that possibility by advising you what you need to do in order to accomplish the desired outcome. 

By identifying personal blocks and deep-rooted beliefs you will be guided to recreate a new reality than what the initial Tarot reading had revealed. 

I can help you identify what you can do to change the probable outcome by taking whatever steps are needed to do things differently and get things turned around to a more favorable position. I can help you recognize your own true gifts and power and prepare you for what’s ahead so that you can put together an effective approach to your life’s affairs bringing about a significant change. My readings can confirm or validate your highest understanding, guiding you to the right path you may be searching for.

Many tarot readers have tried to learn and adopt her style of reading by being inspired by Humeira. Humeira has not learnt to do tarot as she is a natural born gifted reader. If you plan to change your life and receive the honest truth then Humeira is your goto advisor.


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You can choose to be happy or can choose to alter your behaviour and can choose to be in control, you can choose to take control, drive or be driven. You can choose to control your emotions or not, you can choose to say something or keep it within, you can choose to forgive...
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What a wonderfull day!

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