Waking up on the right side of the bed

We've all heard about waking up at the wrong side of the bed...ever heard of waking up at the right side of the bed? It's a privelege for those poor souls who do not get to experience good days as often as they would wish to. Today i take the liberty to write freely and not edit my thoughts...to live in the moment and not worry about being judged...here we go folks !....

Normally, people wake up and have a normal day and its only rare that you would hear them say that they woke up at the " wrong side of the bed ". If mostly one wakes up at the right side of the bed, the days are normal, fine or even good or great. But what happens when waking up at the wrong side of the bed becomes the norm? oh dear ! we really ought to take stock of our life and wonder how we are actually living and what are we going to do to change that?

Some people are lucky enough to wake up at the right side of the bed, to feel the happiness within, to find a reasone to be happy about nothing..even though they might not be expecting the news they were waiting for...

A conversation with a friend triggered this thought in my mind today and it lingered on, made me think: 

Today i thought about how many things went wrong in my day (opposite of usually 'what went right and thank the Lord by counting my blessings').. i thought about everything that didnt go as i expected, yet i sit here typing away with all my fears still intact, all the worry in the world regarding what next, all the guilt in this universe..with a smile on my face wondering why i didnt react negatively to the smallest and biggest of all the things that did not go my way today?

I realise, life is what you make of it, even if your favourite dress got ruined, even if the deal you expected didnt happen or got delayed, even if the love of your life rejected you, even if the cat ate your last meal, even if you watched the most depressing drama series, even if your mother in law hates you, even if you didnt get the job of your dreams, even if your'e broke .. why would one be sitting and typing away happily? Why would one be able to laugh heartily at a joke with someone and feel so great about it...hmmm..is it because they woke up on the right side of the bed today? 

or is it because if things that didnt go their way ..at the end of the day..are really not something to worry about? 

Its really true, by forgiving someone for little mistakes or even big ones, you really make your day better more than the person your'e forgiving. By feeling nothing in your heart but joy, you really are able to spread love and kindness around you. Start by forgiving yourself..no matter how big your mistake..its not easy! Seek forgivness..even though it might not be worth forgiving... repent...without expecting anything... do good, have good and be good. Keep trying until you get there... im sure you'll get there one day soon. Dont hold on to the negatives (ugh this word, i wish it didnt exist), remind yourself that you and people around you are humans and no matter how many bad/negative/evil thoughts one might have, forgive yourself and those around you..try to be a better person every day. Try to feel joy within so you can spread it as well. Have faith and spread faith. Be an 'overcomer' (if that's a word).

I wish i could seal this moment, seal my heart, my body and freeze it to feel exactly this very moment.. all the time, every day for everyone i love dearly..to be gratefull for a wonderfull day with all its sorrows and pains, to be gatefull for everything we have in life, having each other, food, health, everything that we need.. i wish for everyone to not react, to not worry, to be happy, to live life, to forgive, to live, to face each day with happiness ..pure happiness and peace.

Ever thought what if today was your last day? live each day as if it is your last.