Listed below are the services you can avail

Tarot Reading Session (Face to Face):

Each session may last for more than 1 hour

Intuition allows each of us to sense the invisible stories all around us. I have an uncanny knack for sensing your bigger story—from both a physical and spiritual perspective. 

Between worlds, I see new possibilities, new insights, and new visions for your life. The exploration delivers messages that may feel like “just your imagination,” but it is the first door to many hidden realities. 

I listen with my eyes and close them to see.  I have over 20 years of experience however, the skill was not acquired, but inherited. I have discovered my own path, and that has given me an unwavering confidence to teach others to find their own wise voice. This work is my calling, and I thank my lucky stars for it every morning. 

I have 9 as my life path number which means that helping humanity is my true calling, making a difference in someone’s life, connecting, healing and leading them to reach their goals, dreams and ambitions is the soul purpose of my life.

Tarot and intuition are tools that help me stay motivated, clear and engaged. This is not a commercial business for me, hence you can spend as much time with me as you wish until you feel refreshed and revived.

I want to help this world evolve by empowering creative growth—for you, for us, for our planet.

Services offered:

  1. Tarot readings on:

Relationships, Marriage, Love, Career, Business, Health etc.


2 - Feng Shui :

Is your living space cluttered to the point of causing blocks in all major aspects of your life such as relationships, marriage, health and inflow of money? Are you constantly suffering from ill health, fatigue, headaches, loss of income, fights, negative people etc? I can read the aura and feel the energy of your living and work environment. By clearing out negative energies and moving the location of objects and colours in order to allow positive inflow of energy in your living space, I can help you bring an abundance of prosperity in your and your family’s life.


It is better to have a face-to-face reading, however I do phone and skype readings as well. or visit my face book page:

Skype Name: Humeirastarot

Appointment timings: 7am till 11pm (Dubai Time)

Working Days: 7 days a week (Sunday till Saturday)